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Experience fun for the whole family at the Climbing Dune in Schoorl, a unique sand mountain in the heart of this charming village. Standing at an impressive height of 51 metres, the Climbing Dune offers an adventurous playground unlike any other.

What makes the Climbing Dune in Schoorl so special?

A Day Full of Fun at the Climbing Dune in Schoorl

The Climbing Dune in Schoorl is not just a fantastic play area for children, but also a relaxing meeting place for parents and nature lovers.

Furthermore Climbing Dune Schoorl is near the following sights: Schoorl Dunes Visitor Centre (±650 m), Play forest Zandspoor (±700 m), Swimming pool De Beeck (±3,1 km), Mini Golf Course de Merelhof (±3,5 km) & Museum Kranenburgh (±3,6 km).

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Duinvoetweg 10, Schoorl