Bergen aan Zee, Art village by the sea

Bergen aan Zee

Bergen aan Zee is a nice place to stay at. Besides bathing in the sun and swimming in the North Sea Bergen aan Zee offers beautiful dunes and forests where you can go for a walk or a tour by bike. The nearby Dunes of Schoorl absolutely belongs to one of the most beautiful ones. You can find the tallest and widest dunes of the Netherlands here. The view is beautiful, looking over the North Sea you just dream away. Through the beautiful dune district of Noord-Kennemerland you will reach the beach of Bergen.

The little place Bergen is visited yearly by thousands of tourists. In 2006, the seaside resort celebrated its 100-year existence. It might become pretty crowded here during summer, but the atmosphere of a small seaside resort remains. ‘Relaxing’ is the magic word of Bergen aan Zee. It is a beautiful place during the entire year.


Bergen aan Zee

At the beautiful wide sand beach of Bergen aan Zee you are, of course, able to bath in the sun and swim in the North Sea. It is possible to rent sunbeds, loungers and windscreens. Besides this, there are beach houses which you can rent as well. At the rental companies you will find toilets and showers. Furthermore, Bergen aan Zee is a true paradise for wind surfers, board- and kite surfers. At the boat club KZBV you are able to go into the water and it’s possible to take lessons.

Bergen aan Zee, where you can enjoy the sun, sand and sea at the beach. It is great to go out for dinner at the terrace of one of the many beach pavilions. There are several restaurants near the beach. Beach pavilions for a cup of coffee, a refreshment or an ice cream, but it is also possible to have a lovely meal at sunset, a real delight. With a bottle of wine on the table and a bite to eat, the rustling of the sea will give you a feeling of happiness and relaxation.

Bergen aan Zee

Not only during summer the beach is attractive, it is possible to make beautiful beach walks all through the year. Especially when a hard wind blows the waves and the sea offer a fascinating view. The pleasant beach pavilions offer a nice view of the sea with its beautiful waves and the sun going under. The tranquility and the beautiful nature make sure you will reload your battery.


Bergen aan Zee

The little Bergen aan Zee pays a lot of attention to hospitality. You will find small or middle-sized, atmospheric hotels, guest houses and apartments. In Bergen you will find boutiques, terraces, culture, beach and dunes nearby. This picturesque place makes you forget time.

Because of the way the village is built, it offers you a tranquil view. This is partly because of the wide lanes with a lot of green and the big houses with gardens at the border of the dunes. The centre with all its cosy terraces, cafés, restaurants and boutiques. Villas, houses, hotels and apartments are built in valleys or on top of the dunes.


Bergen aan Zee

The centre is the décor for artistic- and art markets during summer. Since the beginning of the 19th century, a lot of artist have been living in the area. They get their inspiration out of the tranquility and the space of the wide lanes and the large amount of green. The artistic flow that resulted out of this is called ‘the School of Bergen‘. Painters, writers and architects have marked their stamp on this little resting place. Art markets, festivals, expositions and guided tours are regularly being held. Museum Kranenburgh shows a lot of art pieces that have their roots in Bergen. The art-10-days are being held In October.

These make an excellent base for cycling- and walking tours through forests and dunes or over the beach. And of course this is a good place to stay at the sea during summer, at the wide and spread-out beach, with the nudist beach north of Bergen or in one of the beach pavilions. At the main beach entrance you will find the sea aquarium where you can discover the entire underwater world.


Bergen aan Zee

There are a lot of tourists who come to the coast of North-Holland for a few days or for a longer period to enjoy the dunes and the beach. The biggest part of the dunes of North-Holland is formed by the Dune reserve of North-Holland. An untouched piece of dune terrain which is unique in the Netherlands and even in Europe. The 5.500 hectares dune terrain that spreads out from Wijk aan Zee to Schoorl offers the traveller a broad arrange of recreational possibilities. It is possible to go cycling, walking and riding through a huge network of beautiful paths. But fanatics can also fully enjoy the specific flora and fauna that belong to the dune environment.

Kennemerland offers a cheerful tranquility, which is irresistible. The eras go through each other pretty much. Medieval churches and castles pleasantly go against the stone-old dunes. Everywhere in the landscape are tracks of land cultivation and reclamation, of the everlasting battle against the water. And in Zuid-Kennemerland still are a lot of outdoor places kept from merchandisers from Amsterdam who ran away from their crowded and dirty city in the Golden Era. The beaches, dunes and forests of the county along the coast formed the green backyard of the cosmopolitan in the 17th era. Some things never change.