Playground 't Span

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Experience a day full of adventure and fun at the playground 't Span in Alkmaar! Located in the cosy Tirolstraat, this playground offers unparalleled entertainment for children up to 12 years old.

What can you expect at playground 't Span?

Visit playground 't Span in Alkmaar for a day full of playful fun and unforgettable adventures!

Furthermore Playground 't Span is near the following sights: Playground De Jeugdhoek (±1,7 km), Golf Course Sluispolder (±1,7 km), Playground OKB (±2,8 km), Playground De Batavier (±3,4 km) & Beer Museum De Boom (±3,4 km).

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Tirolstraat 112A, Alkmaar
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