Swimming pool Hoornse Vaart

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Dive into adventure at the Hoornse Vaart swimming pool in Alkmaar, the place for a real day out with great fun in the water for both young and old! Discover the variety of pools and facilities for an unforgettable day.

What can you expect at the Hoornse Vaart swimming pool?

The Hoornse Vaart swimming pool guarantees fun in the water and relaxation. Whether you come for the action in the Wave pool, the tranquillity in the wellness area, or the fun in the Water Playground, there is something for everyone!

Furthermore Swimming pool Hoornse Vaart is near the following sights: Mini Golf Course de Merelhof (±450 m), Museum Kranenburgh (±550 m), Swimming pool De Beeck (±1,2 km), Visitor Centre De Duinheide (±2,4 km) & Golf Course Sluispolder (±2,7 km).

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Hertog Aalbrechtweg 4, Alkmaar
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